Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby, Life and Changes Part 3

So your probably wondering what the changes part of the series is all about. Well, it's about the changes we have decided to make as a family and the ones I have decided to make. My husband and I are going to change the way we eat. Less processed junk and more natural foods. I eventually would like to have a paleo diet but right now we as a family are no where near ready for that big of a change. We have decided to get outdoors more. More hiking, camping, geocaching etc. we want our kids to enjoy the outdoors more than being inside.

On a personal note, I am making a personal decision to become more involved in the community and with my friends. I also want to commit to being more involved in my spiritual life. Reading more, praying more etc. I'm going to exercise more often. We just got a jogging stroller so that I can run with the baby. I would like to do another 5k and actually run the whole thing instead of walk and run. My husband was a really big encouragement to me during that race and it made me feel so good knowing that I could complete a 5k. Another change I am going to make is to be more organized and less messy. I hate that I get our house clean and then I mess it up again really quickly. I also would like to get rid of stuff that we have. I feel like I have so many clothes and other stuff that I don't use, don't know I have or can't find. That has got to change!
I am hoping that you all will give me tips on any of the above and also encouragement. I will be posting more about all of this stuff as it comes along.

Do you have any tips for me on getting organized? What about recipes or tips on going paleo? Are you changing some of your habits this year? What are they?


  1. In terms of organization, have a place for everything. Get rid of the stuff you do not use or need. Donate the stuff you no longer want to a thrift shop.

    As for paleo, I recommend against the diet plan. As far as my research indicates, there is no evidence that paleo is better. Just eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and you will be healthy.

  2. We are also eating healthier. I am going to try to get more organic or at least grown locally veggies from the farmers market this spring/summer. I also took up running and wrote this post about my first 5K. http://www.adventureswithcaptaindestructo.com/2013/01/i-ran-my-first-5k.html
    I do hope to be able to run the entire one next time since I had to take a few walking breaks and to improve my time. I set five goals for my 2013 year, coupon more (which I am failing miserably at since I had my son), organize my house (I have done some, but there is so much more to do), read my Bible daily (going okay most days), continue running and do four 5Ks this year (one done so far), and some blog changes.

    Good luck!

    1. I am hoping o do at least one 5k this year but i will definitely be gettingnoutside more. Thanks for the encouragement!